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4 star rating

Lakeside BBQ

2229 Lake St
Omaha, NE 68110
Driving Directions
(402) 884-5796 Click to Call
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Hours of Operation

Mon, Sun Closed
Tue-Sat 8:00am-5:00pm
Come Hungry!

Products and Services

  • Tasty BBQ!
  • Ice cold Beer
  • Great Atmosphere


Lakeside Home Made Rub


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Lakeside BBQ

Lakeside BBQ prides itself as one of The best tasting BBQ in Omaha! They have arranged many different barbecue recipe's and love new faces. If you think your tongue can handle all the great flavors that Lakeside BBQ has on their menu then stop by and enjoy the large selection of meats at fabulous BBQ joint.

Reviews and Discussions

Feelin It!
Bravo Brisket!
The brisket had a perfect smoke flavor and was unbelievably moist. BRAVO!

Business Response
I am really glad you like the brisket. Please come again

Feelin It!
Great food!
Maaaan is this chicken good! I'd fly back to Omaha just to try it once again. A bit expensive though...

Business Response
Thank you for your compliment on our chicken. Sorry our chicken seams a little expensive for you. Come in again we will make it worth your time.

Off the Hook!
Samual Adams and BBQ chicken
Went to your restaurant and WOW you guys have a great menu! It was really hot outside and your air conditioned place hit the spot with an ice cold Samual Adams to compliment your tender sweet & spicy chicket. Fantastic experience!



BBQ Stuffed Chicken BBQ Stuffed Chicken
-moist and tender skinless, boneless stuffed chicken breast from the barbecue grill is easy to do... (More)


BBQ-Chicken BBQ-Chicken
This is the end result from the video we have uploaded

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